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Taste the Difference: Natural Ice Cream that Nourishes Your Soul at 51 Rainbow IceCream

Locally owned shop to
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Our sugar-coated, rainbow story started churning from the year 1985 by our beloved Father – Mr. Abdul Razzak Patwa. He set up the little street shop of ice-pops; fondly called as “Baraf Ka Gola”. These juicy, delicious and colorful ice-pops were an instant sensation among the people of Surat city and we could find a queue of ice-pop lovers, waiting to grab their share. In summers, ice-pops were charting the list of desserts. Seeing such love and demand, in the year 1990, under the patronage of Navrang Ice-cream, he introduced Surat’s very 1st shop to sell “THICK SHAKES”.

Best ice cream brand in India

Being Descendants of brilliance, we leave no stone unturned while serving and sourcing quality additions. Enabled with high capacity production unit of up to 3000 lts per day milk, 51 Rainbow meets every quantity and quality standards. Hygiene comes from the womb of our den, and with the coronation of automation plant for ice-cream and syrup process, no products get touched with bare hands. We take pride in our hygiene practices in the plant and as well in the logistics.We develop our very own signature sauces, fruit puree, fruit and non-fruit toppings and ice-cream preparations. Milk Products like Cold Coco, Ice-cream mix, Faluda mix, etc are also prepared within a conducive environment handled by trained, skilled labors. Logistics are carried from a centralized junction and time to reach the individual depot is taken care, so the ingredients are delivered as fresh as they were prepared.



51 Rainbow Ice Cream Rolls: A Vibrant Delight for Your Taste Buds!
51 Rainbow Ice Cream Rolls: A Vibrant Delight for Your Taste Buds!
March 4, 2024by admin0
Experience a Burst of Flavors with Mesmerizing 51 Rainbow Ice Cream Rolls: A Vibrant Delight for Your Taste Buds! Experience a burst of flavors that will illuminate your taste buds with the mesmerizing 51 Rainbow Ice Cream Rolls. This vibrant delight will take your ice cream experience to a whole new level. Each roll is...
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